Red Bull Outliers: Canada's Hard Enduro

Red Bull Outliers is a mass-start, multi-discipline Hard Enduro competition for professional and amateur riders alike. Red Bull Outliers is the brain child of Canadian off-road rider and owner of Rad 2.0, Shane Cuthbertson. Now in its full fourth year of competition, Outliers has been granted round five on the schedule of the Hard Enduro World Championship (HEWC) for 2023.

August 26th 2023: Downtown Calgary

August 27th 2023: Alberta Badlands

From Grass Roots To World Stage! #THERADWAY

Red Bull Outliers is a mass start multi-discipline hard enduro that spans across two days as Canada’s most prestigious off-road race. As race promoter, the crew at Rad 2.0 has been there through it all as this mega event has transformed from our own little endurocross track at Wildrose MX in Calgary, to Red Bull Rocks and Logs, and now Red Bull Outliers. We are incredibly grateful to bring the two day monster back to Alberta as we have locked down the fifth round of the Hard Enduro World Championship for 2023. Day one will test the riders mental fortitude with our Downtown Calgary endurocross prologue, and then we will head to the Steveville badlands for the grueling hard enduro main race. Interested in more information? Read our “What Is Red Bull Outliers Blog” Here!


2022 Pro Results:

  1. Manuel Lettenbichler
  2. Trystan Hart
  3. Mario Roman
  4. Graham Jarvis
  5. Taddy Blazusiak
  6. David Cyprian
  7. Teodor Kabakchiev
  8. Michael Walkner
  9. Suff Sella
  10. Cory Graffunder

Red Bull Outliers is the brainchild of Rad 2.0 founder Shane Cuthbertson. From his many years riding/racing across the world on a professional level he developed a knack for understanding behind the scenes portion of major events and eventually got an opportunity of his own to promote and develop a Red Bull event. His first race was Red Bull Rocks and Logs in Calgary, which has now evolved to Red Bull Outliers. Getting a race on the world series circuit was a massive goal but with the help of the incredible dirt biking community, we were all able to make it happen! For this year once again, Shane is the course manager and oversees everything to do with the schedule, locations, obstacles, etc. With our job being on the inside of Red Bull Outliers, make sure you stay tuned across our social media channels for all the inside tips!

We are incredibly excited for another opportunity to work with the crew at the Hard Enduro World Championship this year as Outliers has been locked in as the fifth round of the seven round series. This gives us another opportunity to ramp it up and have some amazing racing for the Canadian fans with the best hard enduro racers of the world. View the official Hard Enduro World Championship website here.

While the details are not finalized quite yet, we are looking to replicate a very similair event to 2022 with the prologue qualifier hitting the streets of Downtown Calgary with the main race being in our famous Steveville Badlands.

Day One: Downtown Calgary Alberta (Exact Location TBA)

Day Two: Steveville Alberta

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Looking for results, videos, photo galleries, or anything media related with the 2022 edition of Red Bull Outliers? We have compiled a full list with EVERY media item that we could find, all conveniently located in one spot. See our “Red Bull Outliers Media Information” Here.

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