Rad 2.0 Group Coaching

Spring and Fall are our most popular seasons for group coaching. Whether it is our signature “Rad-Pac” three session coaching lessons at Wildrose MX or our more specialized group sessions (How To Wheelie, Race Day Prep, Winter Riding, Special Locations, etc.) we have something for everyone to join. Listed below are our upcoming coaching sessions that we are booking for! Interested to learn more about Rad 2.0? See our “About Us” page!

Upcoming Sessions

We currently do not have any scheduled sessions for BC. If you are interested in hosting a session in your region, please Contact Us!

Ontario, Canada

We currently do not have any scheduled sessions for Ontario. If you are interested in hosting a session in your region, please Contact Us!

What Can I Learn At A Rad 2.0 Lesson?

We cover a wide variety of techniques based on your skill level, riding experience, goals, etc. but we have included some common themes below:

Rider Set-Up (Pro Tricks and Tips)
General Techniques, Rider Positioning (EVERYTHING To Do With Off-Road Riding)
Reading The Terrain (Smooth Lines, Looking Ahead)
Acceleration (Racer Riding Style, Rider Awareness)
Braking (Rear Brake Control, Rider Awareness)
Clutch Control (Double Blips, Jibbing, Loading Up The Clutch, Wheelies, etc.)
Obstacles (Logs, Tires, Balance, Tight Corners)
Hills (Conquering The Giants)
Wheelies (Jarvis Style)
Book Coach Shane Anywhere!

Even though we do the majority of our off-road coaching in Canada, we have travelled the world and are willing to come to you! All you have to do is get a few friends together, reach out to us, and Shane can come to you for a RAD coaching clinic of your choice, at the location of your choice. Contact us for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rad 2.0 is a Calgarian all-family business specializing in off-road dirt bike coaching and race development. When we aren’t designing the course for one of Canada’s biggest off-road events, we are helping you achieve your goals! Through our unique “Rad-Pac” three style off-road dirt bike coaching or our individual sessions, we can help you develop the skills that are essential to having a better experience while single track riding. Your instructor Shane has experience riding and racing with the best across the globe so there is nobody better to get all the pro tips and tricks from.

As of right now, Rad 2.0 does not have any bikes for rental during your off-road clinic. We go over a lot of bike set-up and the insider tips on how to feel more comfortable while riding so it is definitely beneficial to bring your own.

There will be a description under each individual class with some helpful tips to determine which class will suit you the best. 

A “Rad-Pac” is our own name for our multi-session classes that we typically run through the Spring. These classes get split up during the week so instead of one long session, you get three shorter ones. This allows for time in between each session to work on and think about all the skills taught!

We do offer a wide range of one-on-one sessions and all of that information can be found on our “Private Coaching” page.

We offer full 100% refunds on all sessions as long as there are more than seven days before the allocated time slot. If we are within seven days of your booked time, there is no refund available.

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