2022 Red Bull Outliers Media Information

We have been having a ton of questions regarding all of the media being released for Red Bull Outliers this year so we have compiled a list of all the media that we have seen so far. Of course we may miss a few so if you have any media items that would like to be shared, please email chasecuthbertson20@gmail.com and we can get you added!


Red Bull Media House Coverage:

Red Bull Outliers Official Race Recap Video -27 Minutes

Paul Bolton Commentary Run

Red Bull Outliers -Best Action

Best Drone Footage -Red Bull Outliers

Best Of Bolton -Red Bull Outliers

1st Place POV -Red Bull Outliers (Manuel Lettenbichler)

2nd Place POV -Red Bull Outliers (Trystan Hart)

3rd Place POV -Red Bull Outliers (Mario Roman)

Youtube: Red Bull Outliers: Titanic Bar-To-Bar Battle of the Canadian Badlands (Raw Footage)

Youtube: Red Bull Outliers Qualifying Mayhem (Raw Footage)

Youtube: Hard Lines With Manni and Bolts


Outside YouTube Coverage:

Ricky Forbes: Everything YOU Need To Know With Race Director Shane Cuthbertson

Alfredo Gomez: Red Bull Outliers Canada AG Racing Team 2022

Spenser Wilton: Red Bull Outliers 2022 Vlog

Range Road Moto: Emily Roberts Attempts Red Bull Outliers

TT: 2022 Red Bull Outliers Preview

TT: 2022 Red Bull Outliers Highlights

BCM Productions: Red Bull Outliers Featuring Cole Henderson

Greengo67: Red Bull Outliers 2022 Prologue Live Action

Greengo67: Red Bull Outliers 2022 -Paul Bolton Joins The Expert Class Practice Session

Direct Motocross: Trystan Hart Talks About The 2022 Red Bull Outliers In Canada

Direct Motocross: 2022 Red Bull Outliers Hard Enduro (Non-Pro)

Direct Motocross: 2022 Red Bull Outliers -Pro Class Raw

Enduro Evolution: 4K Red Bull Outliers 2022 Thursday Practice -Steveville AB Day One

Calgary Herald: Red Bull Outliers Brings Enduro Cross To Olympic Plaza

Dirtbike News: Red Bull 2022 Outliers – Downtown Prologue Amateur and Vet

Simplistic Adventures: The Red Bull Outliers Experience



Red Bull Content Pool Official Photos

Anett Meszaros (AM to PM Photography)

Lisa Ferguson (Dope Photography)

Pamela Milthorp (PammyJM)

Jenny Rae Bateman (JRB Photos)



Pro Class

Expert Class