Personalization is our specialty! We LOVE personal one-on-one training sessions where we can cater to your exact riding style and focus on the specific techniques that you want to excel at. Every rider is different and so is every bike, let us make sure you get the treatement you deserve.

Some of the topics that may be covered:

Bike set-up, riding positioning, hills, downhills, balance, trail reading, double blips, wheelies, using the clutch to your advantage, advanced skills, and so much more… different every session and it is easy to book! Want to learn more? Read our “What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 Coaching School” blog here!

Book With Us!

To book a dirtbike coaching session in Calgary or beyond, please email and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience!

What Can I Learn At A Rad 2.0 Lesson?

We cover a wide variety of techniques based on your skill level, riding experience, goals, etc. but we have included some common themes below:

Rider Set-Up (Pro Tricks and Tips)
General Techniques, Rider Positioning (EVERYTHING To Do With Off-Road Riding)
Reading The Terrain (Smooth Lines, Looking Ahead)
Acceleration (Racer Riding Style, Rider Awareness)
Braking (Rear Brake Control, Rider Awareness)
Clutch Control (Double Blips, Jibbing, Loading Up The Clutch, Wheelies, etc.)
Obstacles (Logs, Tires, Balance, Tight Corners)
Hills (Conquering The Giants)
Wheelies (Jarvis Style)
  • Wild Rose MX Off-Road Park
    $100/Hour ($80/Hour -16)
    Join us at the BFD Moto/GasGas Canada enduro and trials park at Wildrose MX in Calgary AB for a customizable one-on-one session with Coach Shane! This is our home location where the majority of our private sessions can be offered during the weeknights. The enduro park contains a variety of terrain suited for everyone. Wild Rose MX: 5608 Burbank Cres SE, Calgary AB T2H1Z6
  • Off-Road Riding Sessions
    $450/4 Hours
    We utilize designated OHV trail systems to custom tailor sessions to your riding and learning preferences.
Book Coach Shane Anywhere!

Even though we do the majority of our off-road coaching in Canada, we have travelled the world and are willing to come to you! All you have to do is get a few friends together, reach out to us, and Shane can come to you for a RAD coaching clinic of your choice, at the location of your choice. Contact us for pricing.

What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 Lesson?

Are you signed up, looking to sign up, or are just browsing one of our coaching schools? If so, we have written the PERFECT blog for you! We want to make sure you are comfortable and understand exactly what you will get to see/do if you are signed up for a school! We are all about having fun here at Rad2.0 and our goal is to improve the experience of your overall ride whether you are a casual trail rider or a racer trying to crack into the professional ranks. See our "What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 School" blog here!

Coaching Waivers

Not every waiver has to be signed, please follow the list below to your desired session and click on that waiver.

Regular Coaching Session: Sign Coaching Waiver (Parental Consent Waiver If Under 18)

Rad Academy: Sign Parental Consent Waiver

Renting A Bike: Sign Motorcycle Rental Waiver

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rad 2.0 is a Calgarian all-family business specializing in off-road dirt bike coaching and race development. When we aren’t designing the course for one of Canada’s biggest off-road events, we are helping you achieve your goals! Through our unique “Rad-Pac” three style off-road dirt bike coaching or our individual sessions, we can help you develop the skills that are essential to having a better experience while single track riding. Your instructor Shane has experience riding and racing with the best across the globe so there is nobody better to get all the pro tips and tricks from.

As of right now, Rad 2.0 does not have any bikes for rental during your off-road clinic. We go over a lot of bike set-up and the insider tips on how to feel more comfortable while riding so it is definitely beneficial to bring your own.

Not at all! Everyone has to start small and we are here to help you unlock the adventures that await for you in off-road riding. As long as you are comfortable to push your limits and try new things, the opportunities are endless!

We offer our private sessions in three locations, the Wildrose MX enduro park in Calgary Alberta, McLean Creek OHV area, and the Waiparous Creek OHV Area.

We are always open to getting a group together and go over some techniques together. With a group atmosphere of yourself and some friends, the competition makes the learning more rapid and fun! For custom group rates, please email

To book in for individual coaching sessions, please email and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience!

We offer full 100% refunds on all sessions as long as there are more than seven days before the allocated time slot. If we are within seven days of your booked time, there is no refund available.

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