What Is Red Bull Outliers?

Red Bull Outliers is a mass-start, multi-discipline Hard Enduro competition for professional and amateur riders alike. Red Bull Outliers is the brain child of Canadian off-road rider and owner of Rad 2.0, Shane Cuthbertson. Now in its full third year of competition, Outliers has been granted the penultimate round on the schedule of the Hard Enduro World Championship (HEWC) for this year. Eight events, eight countries, and the very best riders from across the globe.

A General Overview:

2022 will be the third year for Red Bull Outliers looking to go back to a two day format which will test the riders with a challenging urban endurocross for day one followed by a grueling hard enduro main event in the badlands of Steveville, Alberta for day two. Intense heat, extreme elevation changes, and gnarly obstacles… the home of the dinosaurs is ready for the HEWC riders. Red Bull Outliers was evolved from a past event in Calgary Alberta which was Red Bull Rocks And Logs. This event ran for six years and was an endurocross style sprint race in the heart of Calgary Alberta at the Wildrose MX endurocross track. After challenging the riders across these years, Red Bull was ready to take that event to the next level and the idea of Outliers was created. Combining the endurocross passion that we had already established, this is where the day one for the Outliers course in the streets of downtown Calgary originates from. Day two out in the badlands takes us way back to the early days of Shane Cuthbertson’s professional race career and the beginnings of the Xtinction hard enduro. This event was held in the same Steveville badlands and is the stomping grounds for day two of Outliers this year. Mix the history of Red Bull Rocks and Logs and Xtinction together and Outliers was born from the dust ready to challenge the riders with something that they have never seen before.  

The Hard Enduro World Championship:

The 2022 Hard Enduro World Championship (HEWC) is back for another series after an exceptional inaugural season in 2021. With an eight round series already locked into place far before the first event in Israel (April 5/6/7), spectators and riders alike are looking forward to an experience that has never been seen before. Eight countries, eight rounds, and the very best terrain the world has to offer to the championship contenders such as Billy Bolt, Manuel Lettenbichler, Graham Jarvis, Wade Young and many more. Read our Hard Enduro World Championship Series Introduction blog here for the full run down.

How Are We Involved With Red Bull Outliers:

Our amazing relationship with Red Bull originally started with the creation of the Rocks and Logs event. With the help of a few friends, Shane built a small endurocross track down at the Wildrose Motocross Association in Calgary as a training grounds for the AMA Endurocross Series that he was gearing up to race. As the word spread of our little endurocross track, Red Bull approached us asking if we would be interested into turning this into an event. With years of expertise racing across the globe, Shane was super stoked to get to try to build an event of the caliper in which he has ridden in the past. After a few years of amazing success with Red Bull Rocks and Logs, we were ready to take the event to the next level. Working with a company like Red Bull is an incredible opportunity and makes our job (course management) super exciting. We get to scope out the terrain, design, build, and execute the event/course. With the help of an amazing crew (many the same from the old endurocross track build), we are able to have an event capable of being in the global series. Think of the craziest ideas… and Red Bull can make it happen!

How The “Outliers” Integrate Into The Race:

For 2021, the “Outliers” were several checkpoints throughout the badlands to measure the length of course that a rider was able to make it though. There are eight outliers, one for each letter in the word. All competitors started on the same course and as each lap was completed by the overall leader, another Outlier (checkpoint) was opened up to make the course progressively more difficult. As the leader keeps clocking off the laps, more Outliers become open and the course keeps getting harder! At the finish, your overall result is determined based on how many Outliers that you were able to complete.

Where Can I Find More Information:

Stay tuned for a ton of new information regarding this event. We will be posting a bunch of content on our Rad 2.0 social media platforms to checkout before the event. 

Official Red Bull Website: Red Bull Outliers 2021: Steveville Endurocross

HEWC Introduction Video: 2022 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship Season Preview – YouTube