What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 Coaching School?

Are you looking to sign up for an epic Rad 2.0 coaching class this upcoming season or are already in one and looking for some more information on how it works? Either way, this article is PERFECT for you! We want to be able to display our classes in the way that we like to run them to make you feel as comfortable as possible and ready to have the most fun.


What/Who Is Rad 2.0:

Rad 2.0 = Race and Athlete Development

#20 (Shane’s Race Number) = 2.0

Rad 2.0 is a family-fun business with an outreach in many different parts of our sport. There are two main sectors of our business and you may have been a part of one at a certain moment of time! 

1. Race Development: This is where the spark was ignited to start building upon the Rad 2.0 brand. Our owner Shane Cuthbertson grew up racing through the ranks of Alberta off-road racing and eventually found himself racing at the top stage with some of the best racers in the entire world. Participating in events such as the International Six Days of Enduro, Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg Rodeo, The Last Man Standing and many more was able to give him a very thorough understanding of how events are set up and the best way to create one for both spectators and riders. After creating an endurocross track in Calgary (Wildrose MX) for training purposes, we fell into contact with Red Bull to create Canada’s very first “Urban Endurocross.” After many years of success with Red Bull Rocks and Logs, we branched out to do Rad Cross (essentially the same event just without Red Bull branding) as Red Bull wanted to take it to the next level. For 2022, we are back for the third year of Red Bull Outliers as the main course director and couldn’t be more stoked. Red Bull Outliers is a two day extreme enduro event where we will be taking riders through the streets of Calgary for day one and out to the Steveville badlands for the main event. Event development is a huge part of what we do and it ends up working perfectly with the second part of our business. 

2. Athlete Development: This is where most people have came into contact with the Rad 2.0 brand! The athlete development side of Rad 2.0 covers all riders from beginner to pro. Through our individual classes, private group sessions, off-road tours, or “Rad-Pacs” we have been able to get into contact with a ton of riders from all over Canada! Big, small, youth or vet… it doesn’t matter who you are or what your riding style is, we have a class to help you have more fun on the bike. Remember, we all ride dirt bikes for our escape from reality and our goal here at Rad 2.0 is to make that experience the best as possible!


Our Fun Group Atmosphere:

The number one thing that we pride ourselves most on with our riding schools are the fun atmospheres! We have all been there before, stuck in some class or training for a sport/industry that we do not really enjoy. It is more important to have fun and create lasting memories then to brainlessly take in information that many won’t remember because all they want to do is go home. Our “Rad-Pac’s” for example are shorter classes packed with great tips and tricks that you actually get to try right on the spot. We always have fun games and challenges to test your new techniques out so you truly take the most out of every class!


Group Riding:

We provide individual coaching as well but we find that group coaching is the most effective way to learn. Every person has a unique style of learning and having a collective group to watch, share, and try new techniques with really hammers the information down into a habit that you can keep for years down the road. Our group sessions have riders from all disciplines trying the same techniques in the same area and all working together to reach their goals. Dirt bike riders are RAD people and the group atmosphere is always amazing… we promise a Rad 2.0 class won’t be intimidating like a high school football practice… we are all here to learn!