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Join us April 16th at the Lethbridge Motorcycle Club with one of our biggest group coaching events EVER! The team at Rad 2.0 are bringing in an array of highly specialized coaches including Coach Jared Stock, Coach Lexi Pechout, and Coach Pete DeGraaf for an action packed weekend of learning. We have ladies only, youth, MX, and off-road courses running side by side to each other so we can guarantee there will be something for everyone. What a way to kick off the year!


Guest Coach Pete DeGraaf:

Pete is a LEGEND in Canadian MX/Off-road. With multiple local championships under his belt tied off with a handful of World Vet MX Championships, Pete is the real deal when it comes to motocross. He has raced all across Canada at a variety of different tracks with all types of different riders, terrains, bikes, conditions, and more. There is no coach better suited then Pete to help us out with our youth classes as he has the essential techniques that every young rider needs to ace in order to climb the ranks and have more fun on the MX track.



Lethbridge Motorcycle Club (Temple Hill MX)


Date + Time:

Sunday April 16th: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Kids 7-10 MX Class:

There is no skill level cap for this class.


What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 Coaching School?

We have developed a blog specifically to answer this question. Feel free to view our “What Can I Expect At A Rad 2.0 Coaching School” blog here! If there are any additional questions that you may have, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us here.


What Might I Learn?

Each course varies in learning material and is entirely up to our guest coaches but the following can be expected to be learned at this school:

Bike Set-Up

Rider Positioning

Track Etiquette

Basic Cornering Skills


Bike Control

Basic Cornering

Basic MX Techniques

Basic Jumping Drills

Getting Comfortable With The Terrain